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Cloud Manage Services

AWS’s #1 Partner for Cloud Migrations

AWS’s Applications to OCI
Lift and Shift Your Applications to AWS Cloud with Ebizoncloud

Ebizoncloud’s Cloud Manage services

Cloud-based infrastructure is the demand of the hour! Enterprises are adopting it to gain business agility and reduce costs on their IT management. Growing number of business units are already consuming a considerable amount of public cloud services directly, forcing enterprises to adopt hybrid cloud-based operating models. But considering the demand and the need to stay competitive, they are failing to meet the business expectations for faster go-to-market and technology modernization.

By centrally managing a marketplace of cloud resources and apps, enterprises can successfully meet these demands. Ebizoncloud empowers its clients with just that, by providing cloud management solutions to provision, bill and support public clouds and simplifies cloud migration, management, security and compliance


Modernize your business and maintain the right balance between agility, innovation and security through our cutting-edge Cloud Management Solutions.

Infrastructure Services

Simplify your journey to Cloud by integrating traditional infrastructure public, private cloud technologies and platform services for unified endpoint management.

Disaster Recovery Services

Leverage the best disaster recovery practices from analysis to maintenance tailored to business needs and processes, to safeguard business-critical information.

Value Proposition

  • Cloud and infrastructure services with unparalleled IT and cloud platform expertise
  • Security, audit compliance and risk management in compliance with industry regulations
  • Wide range of storage option – Public, Private, or Hybrid
  • Streamlined processes with low capital expenditure
  • Global knowledge base of infrastructure, security, tools and processes.

$0 Cloud Migration

CLOUD-FIRST is a captivating concept around which the emerging businesses are predominantly dependent upon. While it aligns with the digital transformation strategies built for enterprises, migrating workloads to cloud comes with its own challenges like flexibility, application performance and budgets.

In a data-driven world, you need a comprehensive business model to accelerate your IT transformation with cloud services and offering you the advantages of a cloud. Ebizoncloud improves your business agility, security, cost-efficiency, and simplicity, with a 4-step strategy to move you to cloud while reaping the benefits.

Ebizoncloud’s Advantage for Customers

When a customer withdraws from other service providers like IBM or OMCS, and opt for a new provider, a customer must pay for both the providers until the migration is completed. Ebizoncloud’s program is a great choice for such customers, as it saves this double cost by paying all the AWS costs until the customer’s contract terminates with other cloud service providers. Ebizoncloud migrates all workloads in scope to AWS Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), at ZERO Cost, and will not invoice until all workloads are successfully migrated to Cloud.

Ebizoncloud’s Use Cases

  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure – Increase the ROI of a new infrastructure, Cloud, by quickly migrating your applications and data.
  • Platforms (Integrations & AppDev) – Automate a process by orchestrating and integrating data for AppDev
  • Autonomous Cloud – Automate routine tasks required to manage AWS databases and let your database administrators (DBAs) handle more strategic work.
  • Cloud Security – Manage risks and improve visibility of cloud workloads and improve overall security posture at reduced cost.
  • Managed Services – Concentrate on your core business instead of handling day-to-day operations and technology issues