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Cloud Migration Services

AWS’s #1 Partner for Cloud Migrations

AWS’s Applications to OCI
Lift and Shift Your Applications to AWS Cloud with Ebizoncloud

Cloud Migration

With “Cloud First” strategy running in full throttle, enterprises are moving to cloud as an initial step towards streamlining their business operations and achieving a competitive advantage. Enterprises can deploy faster, cheaper automated services on Cloud instead of procuring on-premise hardware. The cost of building and maintaining data centers on-premises is expensive, and you lose a considerable amount of time with hardware refresh or software upgrades. Additionally, having a physical infrastructure leads to inefficient forecasting, capacity planning and an increase in costs.

Ebizoncloud, #1 Cloud Velocity Partner 2018 resolves the cloud migration complexities by providing tailored solutions designed to enable you to simplify your cloud journey. By assessing your current business scenario, we provide a complete strategic roadmap for the migration without causing any disruptions to your in-progress business operations. Our migration planning approach is driven by timeline, complexity and preference with proven automated upgrade paths and deployment methodologies.

Our Methodology

We follow a standardized approach for cloud migrations which enable to resolve varied use cases, complexities and the challenges faced during cloud migrations.

We have extensive Cloud Solution Expertise in

  • Enterprise Migration
  • AWS Applications
  • 3rdParty Workloads
  • Migration to IaaS & PaaS Solutions
  • Lift & Shift
  • Re-Platforming
  • Rearchitect

We develop a migration roadmap which enables our customers to migrate to cloud without any additional investment.

Ebizoncloud’s Cloud Migration Services

Migrations pose tough challenges that can be met only with a careful strategy and the right resources at hand. Cloud migrations pave the way for DevOps, Automation, better Data Integration and, ultimately, Digital Transformation However, moving to the cloud adds tangible business value and reduces the risk & challenge of change.

Ebizoncloud helps you execute your cloud migration strategy with a strategic approach that includes data center, apps, infrastructure, security, and OMCS. As a Cloud migration partner for our varied clientele, Ebizoncloud has successfully migrated over 77 workloads to the cloud.

Explore our Cloud Migration Services

Revolutionize your business and maintain the right balance between agility, innovation and security through our cutting-edge Cloud Solutions.

DMMC Migration

Migrate to an all-cloud environment to bring flexibility, reduced costs, better experiences and improved security & governance.

$0 Cloud Migration

Migrate all workloads from an existing data center or other Cloud Infrastructure to AWS Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) at ZERO MIGRATION COST.

Value Proposition

  • Optimize Migration Cost, Speed and Quality
  • Migrate to cloud without additional Investment
  • Guaranteed 40% savings of infrastructure and management costs
  • Accelerate Realization of Cost and Innovation Benefits of Cloud
  • Streamlined application and data access with next-gen cloud hosting
  • Extended business availability by shedding data center and hardware limitations