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Devops Services

Devops Approach

Ebizoncloud approach is to set the stage for cultural transformation to drive agility, quality and cost optimization.

Accelerate Time-to-Capability

  • Improve Business Agility
  • Enable Faster IT response to Business Needs
  • Active Stakeholder involvement
  • Reduce Time-To-Capability
  • Enable IT to keep pace with rapidly evolving market

Improve Software Quality

  • Automate Testing and Quality Control
  • Reduce Defects / Incidents
  • Increase Business Availability
  • Embedded QA
  • Cloud, ERP & Mobile Apps

Optimize Cost-of-Delivery

  • Smaller, more efficient teams
  • Adaptive Infrastructure
  • Self-service
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • End-to-end methodology
  • Continuous Delivery

Built-In Technical Excellence


  • Large scale application development efforts are hindered by defects that take time away from meeting planned business objectives.
  • Bad quality and vulnerable systems bring down even the most resilient infrastructure

Ebizoncloud’s Approach & Benefits:

  • Engineering Best Practices: Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Trunk-based development, Feature Flag Driven Development, Automated Code Quality Inspection
  • Plug-and-play: Continuous Integration/Deployment Pipeline and Test Automation Framework (vTAF) to implement rigorous automated tests on all perspectives of quality
  • DevSecOps ensures that Security Practices are baked-in to the entire development and deployment lifecycle

AI Ops for Smarter, Faster Decisions


  • Poor Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) performance indicators
  • Lack of proactive incidence identification and response

Ebizoncloud’s Approach & Benefits:

  • Build and deploy telemetric infrastructure using tools such as Splunk, Machine Learning Toolkit and Sumo Logic
  • Supports the DevOps teams to reduce impact of an outage from hours to minutes or seconds by identifying the root cause faster
  • Dramatically improves Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) performance indicators

Deploy on Demand with Zero Downtime


  • Poor customer experience due to lengthy deployment downtime
  • Difficult to rollback during failures

Ebizoncloud’s Approach & Benefits:

  • Implement blue-green deployment by running two identical production environments
  • Fully automated Continuous Delivery pipeline, pre-built with checks and balances, enables rapid deployment to production
  • Allows us to deploy features several times a week, and execute hotfixes quickly with no downtime
  • Easy rollback reduces risk. Improves user experience and faster feedback

Immutable Infrastructure for Ease of Maintanability


Operation team spends a significant amount of time troubleshooting and fixing failed infrastructure components that often results in application downtime

Ebizoncloud’s Approach & Benefits:

  • Implement immutable infrastructure design or disposable infrastructure using tools such as Packer, Ansible, and Terraform
  • The system is designed to replace itself in the event of failure
  • Achieves nearly 0.05% instance failure rate and 100% uptime for a production application
  • Radically improves the productivity of operations team

Cloud Solutions – Approach

Ebizoncloud holistic approach helps you start smart, get ahead and stay ahead to build a sustained competitive advantage

Cloud Strategy & Advisory

  • Cloud Strategy & Advisory
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Operating Model
  • Cloud Governance
  • People & Process Transformation
  • Cloud Architecture

Cloud Adoption & Optimization

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Automation and DevOps Framework
  • Cloud Management

Cloud Transformation

  • Digital Application Platforms
  • Application Modernization
  • API Framework for New Revenue Streams
  • Cloud-Native Development
  • Cloud Integration

Keys to Successful Outcomes

  • Make Infrastructure Invisible: Modernize, Migrate, Refactor?
  • Deliver Apps at the Pace of Innovation: Transform business by transforming your underlying apps and software
  • Embrace born-in-the-cloud: Stay ahead with new cloud Native apps

Cloud – Transformational Strategy

Ebizoncloud holistic approach helps you start smart, get ahead and stay ahead to build a sustained competitive advantage.


Characteristics of a secure, robust, maintainable, and scalable infrastructure:

Ebizoncloud’s Approach & Benefits:

We use a combination of proven innovative processes and tools to provide infrastructure and technology environments that will facilitate on demand deployments with lower technical restrictions and enhanced security from emerging cyber threats

Key to DevOps Success – Adopt the Right Mix of Tools

Devops – Transformational Strategy

Disrupt Security & Compliance Bureaucracy


Security team works in a silo and is typically engaged at the end of the development lifecycle. When security vulnerabilities are discovered at the end of the lifecycle, these take exponentially more time to address.

Ebizoncloud’s Approach & Benefits:

  • Culture of Security – We break down Development, Operations, and Security silos
  • Security practices are baked-in to the entire development and deployment lifecycle and moved towards “Security as Code”
  • We conduct lean value stream analysis on security and compliance processes to optimize value and flow

Innovative Intrusion Detection


Tool limitations on AWS for network-based and host-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS)

Ebizoncloud’s Approach & Benefits:

  • Build and deploy Security Onion with netsniff-ng for network-based virtual tap; and Open Source HIDS SECurity (OSSEC) agent for host-intrusion detection system
  • Reduce the cost of intrusion detection systems (IDS) and prevention systems (IPS), and increased ROI
  • Compliant AWS Cloud security practices